Capacitive Accelerometers from Kistler North America

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Kistler North America

K-Beam high-sensitivity, low-noise MEMS capacitive accelerometers from Kistler North America, Novi, MI, are designed to support single- and three-axis measurement requirements within automotive, aerospace, civil engineering, OEM, R&D, and in-laboratory test applications. The family is offered in ranges from ±2 g to ±200 g and with frequency response from DC to 1000 Hz. Accelerometers are available in 4 different models of either single-axis (Type 8315A) or triaxial (Type 8395A) versions and have an operating temperature range of –55°C to 125°C. Type 8315A sensors have a 1 in. footprint and are offered in 6 models with 3 different housing and electrical interface options. Type 8395A sensors have a 0.85 in. cube footprint and provide a bipolar 0±4 V output.

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Company: Kistler North America
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 888-547-8537

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