Canatu Announces Flexible Touch Design Win

Canatu’s unique CNB Flex Film has been utilized to create a complete One-Plastic-Solution, OPS, incorporating display window, touch sensor and decoration, all in an ultra-thin, robust and durable package, capable of withstanding the rigors of the demanding wearable market. Canatu will disclose further information about the product after its launch later this year.

The One-Plastic Solution is designed for products demanding extreme thinness as the overall thickness combining both the window and the sensor can be as thin as 40 um, making it the world’s thinnest windows-integrated touch solution. Unlike ITO and other metallic based sensor technologies the One-Plastic Solution provides for extreme bending and folding, making it particularly well-suited for wearable, foldable and rollable devices.

Flexible displays are now becoming more available and will soon proliferate the market. Canatu is in prime position with its truly flexible CNB™ Flex Film and the One-Plastic-Solution touch. Both these products incorporate its proprietary flexible Carbon NanoBud® material.

Earlier this year Canatu launched its super-thin 23 um CNB™ Flex Film which is optimized for wearable, flexible and foldable touch-enabled electronics devices. At 23 um, the super-thin CNB™ Flex Film is the thinnest transparent conductive film on the market. Outperforming all competitors with a bending radius down to 1mm, Canatu’s CNB™ Films unleash an unprecedented design freedom for manufacturers to create new and novel wearable, foldable or rollable devices. The zero haze, zero reflectance properties of Canatu’s Carbon NanoBud® material also provide for unparalleled outdoor readability, which has been often overlooked in the first wave of wearable devices.

“Our message is our films are the best transparent, flexible, conductive films on the market, superior to any other. Now we see the first of this exciting new genre of products coming to market and with many others in the pipeline we are excited at the facilitating role our unique materials are able to contribute”, says Canatu’s VP Marketing and Sales, Dr. Erkki Soininen.

Canatu’s CNB™ Films have 97% optical transmittance at a sheet resistivity of 150 ohms/square and 95% at 100 ohms/square. CNB™ Flex Films have a world’s lowest 1% change in sheet resistivity after 150 000 bends at 1 mm radius.

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