CAN Temperature DA Module from IPETRONIK

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The M-RTD2 from IPETRONIK GmbH & Co. KG, Baden-Baden, Germany, is a CAN module for temperature measurement using platinum sensing elements. The module has 4 inputs; 4-wire Pt100 sensors can be used to measure temperatures from –50°C to 450°C. Each channel can be separately activated and scaled and channel sampling rate is adjustable from 1/min. to 100 Hz. Other features include a 16-bit ADC, an 8th order Butterworth filter, and one constant current output/input channel as well as an electrically isolated CAN output 2.0 B with up to 1 Mbps transmission. Accuracy at 25°C is ±0.10°C. Applications include mobile measurement and use in engine compartments.

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Country: Germany
Phone number: +49 7221-9922-301
Fax: +49 7221-9922-100

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