CAN, LIN Interfaces from National Instruments

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National Instruments

The NI-XNET 9861 (CAN) and 9866 (LIN) from National Instruments, Austin, TX, are low-speed CAN and LIN modules that integrate with the company's CompactDAQ platform, providing hardware-accelerated messaging and onboard processing. The single-port CAN interface module features integrated CAN database support for importing, editing, and using signals from FIBEX, .DBC, and .NCD files and provides 100% bus load communication up to 125 Kbps without dropping any frames. The single-port LIN module has integrated support for importing and using signals from LDF databases, master/slave support, hardware-timed scheduling for master tasks, and is capable of 100% bus load communication up to 20 Kbps without dropping any frames.

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