Can Laser Diodes Grow Grass On A Rocky Mountain?

Several times during the course of local TV programming, and ad comes on the screen in which the announcer poses a very difficult question, “Which would you prefer, thinning hair or going bald, or a full head of your own healthy, growing Hair?” I don’t know; well let me sleep on it.

Last time I checked, very few people go to the barber or hair salon and ask for the Kojak cut. Everybody wants a full head of hair, hence the large proliferation of solutions ranging from implants to supplements, to indoor-outdoor carpeting. They may or may not work, but either way, they all seem to sell.

High tech is also getting into the hair-restoration game, and why not? There’s big bucks in those follicles and the lack thereof. Back in July 2016, HairMax Science of Hair Growth demonstrated its line of FDA-cleared, home-use laser devices for growing hair and an array of thinning hair care products and supplements.

The devices work on the premise that laser technology energizes hair follicles to reverse hair thinning and regrow thicker hair. Reportedly, the laser method can increase hair counts with an average of 129 additional new hairs per square inch within six months, all with no harmful side effects.

HairMax claims its laser devices are the most clinically studied laser devices on the market, with seven successful clinical trials under its belt. Then add on extensive studies with 460+ men and women. Hence, the laser devices have been granted seven FDA clearances.

LaserBand 82 is HairMax’s first device, launched in 2015. It employs a band design that features 82 medical-grade red laser diodes and patented hair-parting teeth. As per the company, the device provides the fastest most effective laser hair loss treatment of any other device. Treatment takes as little as 90 seconds, three days a week.

It seems almost second nature to roll one’s eyes whenever a newbie arrives on the scene with the “ultimate cure” for baldness. Just watching commercial media, the cure for baldness is the oldest, yet the most sought after Holy Grail of cures. One might believe there have been more efforts to cure baldness than cancer. That’s kind of a shame because baldness is not a disease, at least not something that can kill physically, socially is up for debate. Be that as it may.

There have been many studies using lasers for a wide array of medical conditions. Laser light therapy has been used to treat several psychological disorders. Laser diodes and LEDs have been used to stimulate and accelerate the healing of bedsores and other injuries. Therefore, it seems possible that the technology could stimulate some foliage on a barren mountaintop. ~MD

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