Cameras Breathe New Life Into Machine Vision Apps

Optronis’ CamPerform Cyclone series cameras feature the CXP-12 interface and are said to establish new benchmarks in machine vision performance. With four channels and a volume of 12.5 Gbit/s per channel, the CamPerform Cyclone cameras transmit a data volume of 50 Gb/s. Via the CoaXPress version 2.0 interface, the data rate of 50 Gt/s over four CXP-12 channels enables faster results for 2D and 3D measuring tasks in industrial image processing such as AOI, laser profilometry and additive manufacturing.


The first available models in the CamPerform Cyclone series have a resolution of 5 Mpixels at 700 fps (Cyclone5700), or a resolution of 2 Mpixels at 2,000 fps (Cyclone22000). The frame rate of the Cyclone5700 can be increased to up to 75,000 fps at a resolution of 2,560 x 16 pixels, making it viable for laser triangulation. Depending on the camera parameterization, precise measurements up to well over 100,000 fps second can be achieved.

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The CamPerform Cyclone series will be available from Q1/2019. For more info, visit Optronis and email [email protected]

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