Camera System Performs Automatic Machine Setup Monitoring

Camera System Performs Automatic Machine Setup Monitoring

Automatically monitoring the setup situation and machining results, the VS 101 camera system enables versatile contouring control and is suitable for HSC and five-axis machining on machines up to 18 axes. The system enables TNC operators to monitor setup and machining results as well as view faulty situations that are displayed on the control. Visual Setup Control (VSC) is an effective means of preventing faulty parts because it is setup to identify incorrectly positioned workpieces and incorrectly mounted or missing fixtures. To detect faults, the operator can use the camera system to run nominal-to-actual value comparisons. After starting the VSC function, the cover of the camera is opened and the camera starts recording images. Data is transmitted to the control that compares the images to a reference image. If a wrong setup is detected, the process is stopped and the faults are displayed. For more details, visit

Heidenhain Corp.
Schaumburg, IL

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