Camera Rides The CoaXPress 2.0

Basler unveils boost, the company’s first camera with a CoaXPress 2.0 interface. Pairing CMOS sensors with the latest frame grabber technology enables users to quickly transfer large data volumes across great distances. The camera delivers high resolutions and high frame rates with a cable length up to 40m. Basler also offers a combination of camera and matching interface card from a single source in form of the Basler boost bundle.


Via the upcoming CoaXPress 2.0 standard (CXP 2.0), the Basler boost cameras achieve a maximum bandwidth of up to 12.5 Gb/s with a single CXP cable. The precise triggering with the CXP cable eliminates the need for a separate I/O cable, making a single-cable solution possible in combination with power-over-CXP (PoCXP). In terms of CMOS sensors, the camera offers the option of a Sony IMX253 or IMX255 sensor, delivering resolutions of 12 or 9 Mpixel respectively with maximum frame rates of 68 fps or 93 fps, respectively.


The CXP 2.0 interface requires an appropriate interface card in the PC. It prevents the PC’s processor (CPU) from being blocked by the image data transfer so that it can be fully available for the image processing application. To this end, Basler offers its proprietary Basler CXP-12 interface card. Additionally, the company’s pylon Camera Software Suite addresses the camera as well as the interface card, For more info, datasheets are available.

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