Camera Phones Dominate Image Sensor Market

SCOTTSDALE, AZ /BUSINESS WIRE/ -- The 2006 image sensor market saw strong growth, due primarily to one application: camera phones, reports In-Stat. In 2006, image sensors for camera phones comprised over three-quarters of all image sensors shipped, the high-tech market research firm says. Fueled by camera phones, CMOS sensors dominated CCDs in units shipped in 2006.

"CMOS also made inroads into digital still cameras and camcorders in 2006, two markets that traditionally have been dominated by CCDs," says Brian O'Rourke, In-Stat analyst. "CCDs continued to dominate the point-and-shoot sweet spot of the camera market. However, the rapidly growing digital single-lens-reflex market has been transitioning to CMOS sensors, led by Canon, which exclusively uses its own CMOS sensors."

Recent research by In-Stat found the following:

  • CMOS sensors held nearly an 80% share of image sensor shipments in 2006.


  • CCD sensors remain strong in digital still cameras, security cameras, and camcorders.


  • Dual-camera phones are in high demand among 3G wireless subscribers in Asia and Europe.

The research "Image Sensors 2007: CMOS is Everywhere" (#IN0703690MI) provides a complete review of the 2006 market for image sensors, as well as annual forecast numbers through 2011. Image sensor shipment history back to 2004 is also included. CCD, CMOS, and CIS unit market shares for all applications, whether area or linear, are provided annually for the entire forecast period. Profiles of leading image sensor suppliers are also included. In addition to the report, Brian and other In-Stat analysts provide consulting services on a variety of technical and market topics regarding the semiconductor and electronics industries.

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