Camera Eyes Factory Automation Apps

Camera Eyes Factory Automation Apps
IDS Imaging Development Systems

Claiming to withstand anything, the GigE uEye FA camera series features a housing, lens barrels, and connectors that fulfill the prerequisites for protection code IP65/67, and protect the whole camera system from dirt, dust, water splashes or cleaning agents as well as accidental shifting of the optics. The camera series is available with the IDS Software Suite or with GigE Vision. Ideal for multi-camera operation, an integrated image memory decouples image acquisition from image transfer. Internal camera functions such as pixel preprocessing, LUT or gamma minimize the processing power required.

All models in the uEye FA family are available with a host of sensor features and easy handling or as a version with support for the GigE Vision standard. The latest CMOS sensors from Sony, ON Semiconductor and e2v are integrated.

The first model of the series will be equipped with IMX249 global shutter CMOS sensor of the Sony PREGIUS series. The sensor offers an excellent image quality, and sets new standards in terms of light sensitivity, dynamic range and color reproduction. The cameras deliver great image quality with 41 fps at full resolution, even in low-light conditions.

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