CAM App Accelerates Productivity And Automation

CAM App Accelerates Productivity And Automation
DP Technology Corp.

The ESPRIT 2015 computer aided manufacturing (CAM) application promises to increase productivity for a full range of machine tool applications by generating more efficient toolpaths while also saving time by providing improvements in computer numerical control (CNC) programming productivity. The release also provides new and improved features specifically in the areas of intelligent machining, strategic machining, CAD-CAM data exchange, and Cloud-Enabled CAM. Intelligent machining features include unique five-axis cycles that reduce cycle time. This makes it possible to completely machine blades in a single setup. The Port Roughing cycle is a new feature that creates a five-axis roughing operation to remove the material inside an area where the tool must enter through a restricted opening. The shape of the toolpath is an offset of the port surfaces, starting at the surface and proceeding inward at a constant step over. For more details, options, and specifics, visit

DP Technology Corp.
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