Calibrating 8.5 digit digital multimeters more precisely and efficiently

Free downloadable paper describes how the artifact calibration capability in the Fluke Calibration 5700 Series ensures precision multimeters perform at expected levels.

EVERETT, WA -- Fluke Calibration has published a new downloadable paper, "Artifact Calibration and Its Use in Calibrating 8.5-Digit DMMs," which examines how the artifact calibration capabilities of the Fluke Calibration 5700 Series of Precision Multifunction Calibrators can optimize the uncertainties for calibrating 8.5-digit digital multimeters (DMMs).

Adequately calibrating 8.5 digit DMMs is challenging. Calibration equipment must be at its best performance level in order to satisfy the industry-recommended practice of a 4:1 ratio between the performance specifications being tested on the DMM and the total combined errors experienced when using the calibrating standards. The technical paper describes the use of the artifact calibration capability in the 5730A Multi-Function Calibrator to achieve the calibrator's best performance level on a regular basis.

Artifact calibration is a capability found in the Fluke Calibration 5700 Series of electrical calibrators. Every 5700 Series calibrator uses this self-adjustment technique when it is routinely calibrated, whether on an annual basis or at whatever frequency routine calibration is performed. Artifact calibration is the only systematic adjustment process possible to traceably adjust a 5700 Series calibrator to its best specs. It has been used in every 5700 Series calibrator since its initial introduction in 1988, including the latest model, the 5730A High Performance Multifunction Calibrator.

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