CABLExpress Enhances RSD Series Fiber Enclosures

SYRACUSE, NY -- CABLExpress has transformed its RSD Series high-density fiber optic enclosures to improve cable management and ease of use in structured cabling environments. The new enclosures are now 33 percent lighter with a 19 percent depth reduction, saving valuable rack space in the data center.

RSD Series enclosures support high-density environments, allowing up to 96 fibers (1U), 192 fibers (2U), and 384 fibers (4U). The enclosures feature solid aluminum doors, making them ideal for structured cabling environments, open racks in telecom closets, or any areas where front protection may be needed. Their modular design allows for multiple connector types within each enclosure, and the recessed sliding drawer (RSD) provides easy access to modules.

The RSD Series enclosures feature:
•13-inch depth to free up space in racks
•33 percent lighter weight to allow easier mounting
•Internal cable managers to maintain proper bend radius
•Low loss components to allow adaptability in fiber network design
•Flexible design to accept four, eight or 16 adapter panels and/or modules
•Mixed-media options to allow integration with copper infrastructure
•Availability with MTP®, LC, SC, ST, MT-RJ or RJ-45 adapters
•Label card to enable easy port identification

CABLExpress first introduced its RSD Series enclosures in 2008.

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