Cable Mapper from Jewell Instruments

Cable Mapper from Jewell Instruments
Jewell Instruments LLC

The Triplett WireMaster Mapper from Jewell Instruments LLC, Manchester, NH, can trace and map most types of cable by using 4 types of remote identifiers. BNC remotes are used to identify coaxial cables in CCTV security and surveillance systems. F remotes will identify coaxial cables in cable TV distribution systems. RJ11/RJ45 remotes identify telephone or LAN cables; clip lead remotes can identify any pair of wires, such as speaker or telephone wires, that do not have connectors attached. The device tests in real-time to identify intermittents and can be used to map lengths >20,000 ft.

Contact Info

Company: Jewell Instruments LLC
Country: International
Phone number: 800-638-3771
Fax: 603-669-5962

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