Bypass Level Indicators Deliver Continuous Measurements

KOBOLD NBK-04 level indicators are used for continuous measurement, display, and monitoring of liquid levels. The measuring/indicating tube is mounted to the top of a tank. According to the laws of hydrostatic pressure, the level displayed on the indicating tube will follow the level in the tank. A float with an attached guide rod and circular magnet, is located within the measuring tube and follows the liquid level, transferring the level in a non-contacting manner via the guide rod and magnet to a display, transmitter, or switch attached to the outside of the indicating tube.


The following indication and sensing devices are available:

  • Magnetic Roller Indicator: As the float moves, the red/white rollers are rotated in succession by 180° around their own axes. The rollers change from white to red as the level rises and from red to white as the level falls. The advantage of ball display is the higher protection category, good visibility of 180° and higher vibration resistance with filled version. The level in a tank or a mixer is continuously displayed as a red column, even when the power fails.
  • Transmitter: To remotely sense the level, a transmitter with a chain of resistors or a magnetostrictive transducer can be mounted outside the indicating tube. A continuous standard signal of 4 mA to 20 mA is generated by means of a fitted transmitter. This standard signal can then be displayed on analog or digital indicating devices. Optionally, HART, PROFIBUS-PA or Foundation Fieldbus communication protocols are possible.
  • Universal Indicating Unit: A universal indicating unit, series ADI-1, can be mounted on the indicating tube to display and evaluate the standard signal (4 mA to 20 mA) generated by the transmitter.
  • Limit Contacts: One or more reed contacts, for point level sensing or for level control, can be mounted to the indicating tube. 

Checkout the Model NBK-04 spec and datasheet for even greater enlightenment.

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