Business Alliance Builds Wireless Temperature Monitoring Systems

NEEDHAM, Mass. and BUFFALO, N.Y. /BUSINESS WIRE/ -- Sensor industry leaders Conax Buffalo Technologies and Sensicast Systems, Inc. announced a product development and business alliance to build and offer comprehensive systems for temperature monitoring using wireless sensors in industrial environments.

For companies involved in energy management, pharmaceuticals, food & beverages, metals and other manufacturing or processing industries, the new Conax-Sensicast solution will deliver continuous remote monitoring of environments and processes for tighter temperature-range control, leading to improvements in process, throughput, and cost efficiencies.

"Conax's extensive experience in temperature monitoring across a wide range of applications has made them the premier supplier of temperature sensors," said Gary Ambrosino, CEO of Sensicast. "By integrating Conax's sensors with Sensicast's wireless technology, we'll be able to offer a reliable, best-in-class temperature measurement system. As our new global marketing partner, Conax extends Sensicast's sales reach to 25 countries worldwide," said Ambrosino.

"Through its industry-leading wireless solutions, Sensicast is an ideal partner for Conax to address temperature measurement challenges today and into the future," said Robert Fox, CEO of Conax Buffalo. "Through joint development, testing, deployment, and marketing, we can offer a robust, integrated temperature measurement where wireless sensing is desirable or required, including harsh or hazardous environments, large-scale buildings, or for mobile applications."

Conax Buffalo designs, engineers, and manufactures temperature sensors and temperature transmitters. Sensors are available in size ranges starting at 0.040 in./1 mm diameter and temperature ranges up to 4000°F, with probe configurations available in over 30,000 combinations of mounting styles suitable for applications from laboratory to large industrial environments. Conax and Sensicast have collaborated on pre-integrating Conax Buffalo temperature sensors with Sensicast's SensiNet system to provide pre-configured solutions that can be quickly and inexpensively deployed to deliver highly accurate temperature data.

The SensiNet Conax System integrates sensors, software, and mesh networking devices through Sensicast's patented SensiNet mesh network technology, into turnkey solutions giving plant/building managers instant actionable measurements of key operational levels.

While sensor networks have been in use for some time in scaled commercial and industrial installations, the Sensicast Wireless Advantage delivers benefits beyond those possible with wired approaches; in particular:

  • New sensor applications and support for coverage in challenging and/or harsh physical environments (e.g. large buildings and multi-building facilities)
  • Self-managing wireless systems with lower total cost of ownership, combined with faster and simpler deployment compared with wired solutions
  • Flexible multi-application wireless infrastructure through centralized monitoring of a wide variety of sensor node types sharing the same wireless backbone

What Makes Up The SensiNet Conax System?
The SensiNet Conax System gives manufacturers solutions superior to wired senor systems. These solutions are built on Sensicast's industry leading wireless mesh networking system and patented SensiNet technology. The SensiNet Conax System includes the following components:

  • Conax Buffalo temperature sensors
  • The SensiNet Wireless Sensor Network System
  • SensiNet intelligent sensors
  • Wireless sensor interfaces that feature long battery life and connect to Conax Buffalo temperature sensors through industry-standard analog interfaces.
  • SensiNet Mesh Node—wireless mesh network repeater that extends the range & coverage area of SensiNet
  • SensiNet Services Gateway—software gateway that connects the SensiNet network to software applications and the Internet.
  • OnCall—applications software for viewing temperature status and history, and for generating alerts for out of range conditions.

About Conax Buffalo Technologies
For 50 years, Conax Buffalo Technologies has been a leading supplier of custom-designed temperature sensors and sealing glands for a wide variety of applications in every industry, from process control to aerospace. Conax Buffalo Technologies is a fully integrated manufacturer with extensive in-house design and manufacturing capabilities, enabling us to provide superior products. Conax Buffalo Technologies offers sensing and sealing solutions for virtually any application and serves a wide range of industries, including food and pharmaceuticals, energy and utilities, metals, fabrication, and manufacturing.

About Sensicast
Sensicast provides comprehensive and cost-effective intelligent wireless sensor solutions to a wide range of industries. Sensicast's sensing solutions deliver crucial information in real time from environments and processes where data collection is impossible or impractical through wired sensors. Easy to deploy and operate, Sensicast's wireless systems are in operation in plants and buildings across North America and Europe, providing robust and reliable monitoring of temperature, process, and energy as well as predictive maintenance. Sensicast provides complete solutions through a network of system integrators and technology partners, its OEM development platform, and directly to end users. Headquartered in Massachusetts, Sensicast is a privately held company, with Ardesta, LLC, and Global Environment Fund as its primary investors.