Building Robotics Launches +Comfy

Oakland, CA – Building Robotics announces the launch of a new ecosystem of technologies to improve people’s daily lives through enhanced control of their personal workplace. Called +Comfy (“Plus Comfy”), the solution builds on the company’s current offering, Comfy, to expand the occupant experience of building systems via a single unified interface. +Comfy allows individuals to control temperature, lighting, windows and more, all from Comfy’s smartphone app or any web browser.

The +Comfy ecosystem includes hardware technologies from companies including CommScope (NASDAQ:COMM), Intel Corporation (NASDAQ:INTC), Lutron, View, and will continue to incorporate additional smart building technologies. “We spend over a third of our lives at work, so we should be just as comfortable in our offices as we are in our living rooms,” said Andrew Krioukov, co-founder and CEO of Building Robotics. “+Comfy lets people easily adjust their environment to their personal preferences. We’re excited to offer more ways for people to customize comfort in the workplace.”

“The nature of the workplace and expectations of employees are changing fast.” said Christine
Boles, Director, Smart Building Solutions, Intel Internet of Things Group. “Innovative
technologies such as +Comfy utilize an Intel-based gateway to enhance the occupant
experience and increase employee productivity and satisfaction.”

Comfy, Building Robotics’ software, provides a delightful user experience, quick and simple
integration to existing building systems, and machine learning to improve building operations.
+Comfy leverages these same principles to make building technologies better for occupants
and those that manage them, including:

● Elegant, Intuitive User Experience: Comfy is about making the technology of the
buildings we work in accessible, transparent, and easy to use. +Comfy extends this
design focus to new technologies in the creation of a unified and elegant interface.
● Interconnectivity: Buildings are already full of incredible technologies, but they’re not
always available to the people who work there. +Comfy creates a network of intelligent
systems that work seamlessly together and support employees’ daily lives, collaborative
work, and creativity.
● Collective Intelligence: With Comfy, both the occupants of a building and the system
itself benefit by learning what people want, resulting in happier, more productive
environments. +Comfy brings together technologies that collect dynamic data sets that
intelligently interact. By learning and predicting individual preferences over time, +Comfy
creates a new workplace experience.

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