Building the Internet of Things and Services - one sensor at a time

At electronica in Munich, Bosch Sensortec will be demonstrating its broad range of ultra-miniature sensor building blocks for connected living, along with exciting new applications.

Product highlights

• BMI160 is the first Inertial Measurement Unit with sub 1mA current consumption designed for high precision, always-on 6-axis and 9-axis applications in smart phones, tablets and wearables.
• A world first in sensor technology, the BME280 combines sensors for barometric pressure, humidity and temperature to support emerging high performance applications such as indoor navigation, home automation control, personalized weather stations and innovative sport and fitness applications.
• The first in a new family of Application Specific Sensor Nodes (ASSNs), the BNO055 implements an intelligent 9-axis “Absolute Orientation Sensor,” which includes sensors, a µController and sensor data fusion software within a small single package.
• BMA355 – With only 1.2x1.5 mm2 it is the smallest 3-axis MEMS accelerometer on the market enabling designers to embed accelerometer functionality in space-constrained applications, such as power management for hearing aids and sensor nodes in ubiquitous sensor networks for the IoTS.

Sensor data fusion

The need for motion and positional apps in devices such as smart phones has driven the development of intelligent interconnection of sensors. Sensor data fusion is the engineering technique of creatively combining and compensating data from the sensors within the smart phone and other mobile devices to guarantee accurate, complete and dependable aggregated sensor information. Sensor data fusion technology from Bosch Sensortec reduces the complexity for OEMs and helps in the rapid development of advanced sensor applications, such as augmented reality, image stabilization, pedestrian tracking and gesture recognition.

Technology leading MEMS portfolio

Bosch supplies MEMS sensors for a vast range of applications in the automotive and consumer electronics industries. Bosch has been a pioneer at the forefront of MEMS technology since it first emerged, and today it generates more sales in this market than any other supplier. Since the start of production in 1995, the company has manufactured more than 4 billion MEMS sensors. Today, sensors from Bosch Sensortec can be found in every second smart phone sold worldwide.

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