BTU Meter from ONICON

BTU Meter from ONICON
Onicon Inc.
The System-30 BTU meter from ONICON Inc., Clearwater, FL, is designed for smaller systems (0.8–38 gpm) for sub-metering heating/cooling costs in commercial offices, retail shops, mixed-use facilities, and condominiums. The inline flowmeter/integral BTU computer provides accurate thermal energy measurements in chilled water, hot water, and condenser water systems. An optional communications interface (BACnet MS/TP, LONWORKS, Johnson Controls N2, and Siemens P1-FLN) provides energy, flow, and temperature data to the control system through a single network connection. Flow accuracy is ±0.5% of reading at a calibrated velocity. Liquid temperature range is 32°F–200°F and max. operating pressure is 400 psi.

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Company: Onicon Inc.
Phone number: 727-447-6140
Fax: 727-442-5699

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