BSI CMOS Image Sensor Sports UV-Optimized Antireflective Coating

BSI CMOS Image Sensor Sports UV-Optimized Antireflective Coating

Targeting high-resolution UV imaging machine-vision applications, imec’s backside-illuminated (BSI) CMOS image sensor chip features a unique anti-reflective coating (ARC) optimized for UV light. The sensor is an addition to the company’s customized 200-mm CMOS fab. The 200-mm process line enables the design, prototyping, and low-volume manufacturing of custom specialty chip solutions such as highly specialized CMOS image sensors. Imec has already developed an ARC for visible light range (400 nm to 800 nm) with greater than 70% QE over the entire spectral range. Imec’s new ARC, targeting the UV range, shows excellent performance at near UV wavelengths, with quantum efficiency values above 50% over the entire spectral range from 260 nm to 400 nm wavelength.

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