TULSA, OK –BS&B Safety Systems, LLC (BS&B) is accredited as compliant with AS9100, the widely adopted and standardized quality management system for the aerospace industry. Long accredited in conformance to ISO 9001, BS&B has been audited in accordance with the requirements of AS9104A, and awarded certification by its auditor Det Norske Veritas Certification, Inc. (DNV) for the “Design, Manufacture and Supply of Pressure Relieving Devices for the Aviation / Space and Defense Industries”.

Benefits from implementing this AS9100 accreditation include increased confidence and efficiency for BS&B’s Aviation, Space and Defense Industry customers around the world who typically recognize this achievement, simplifying vendor approval and contract management. Using its more than eighty (80) years of experience, BS&B has exhibited the development, recommendation and adoption of improved processes resulting in consistent, on time order fulfillment with a record of increased productivity and the highest level of product reliability achieved in the field. The AS9100 certification confirms BS&B’s high level of commitment to quality and the competitive edge that the company’s technology offers to its customers.

With its industry leading pressure relief technology, BS&B continually extends the envelope of capability for Aviation, Space and Defense engineers. Application solutions that range from a few inches of water column pressure or vacuum to over 50,000 psi, and temperatures ranging from cryogenic to over 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit are included in BS&B’s AS9100 accredited scope.

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