Broadband Conicals Specify 10A Current Ratings

Gowanda Electronics’ broadband microwave RF conical inductors provide dc-current handling up to 10A, said to be the highest level in the industry. Four new series, the C305FL, C550FL, C750FL and C1000FL, expand the company’s conical offerings that are viable for use in communication applications for bias T’s (filter signals, remove noise), broadband chip manufacturing, communication platforms, high frequency, microwave circuitry, RF test set-ups, test & measurement, test gear, test instrumentation, and transmission amplifiers.


The performance ranges provided by the four wirewound conical series include inductance from 0.30 µH to 22 µH (TYP), Q from 30 to 66 (TYP), DCR ohms MAX from 0.02 to 0.265 and current rating mA DC from 1300 to 10500. Series-specific data ranges are provided in the table below. A Conical Data Summary pdf summarizes the data for the series. All four series have been outgassing tested per ASTM E595 and meet the TML requirement of 1.0% max. Operating temperature range is -55°C to +125°C for all series. Standard terminations and gold terminations are available and RoHS compliant. Contact the factory for Pb terminations.

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More technical information is available on each series at the company’s website. Please go to to navigate to each series page where series data, mechanical features, datasheets and other information is provided. Helpful links are also included below.


Performance Range for the high-current broadband conicals

Need more spec & tech? Then checkout the C305FL, C550FL, C750FL and C1000FL datasheets. For more information contact Gowanda Electronics at 716-532-2234 or [email protected].


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