Broad Line Of IP68 Die-Cast Aluminum Boxes Dive Deep

Broad Line Of IP68 Die-Cast Aluminum Boxes Dive Deep
BUD Industries Inc.

Trumpeted as the broadest line of IP68 rated boxes available, the AN-A Series die-cast aluminum enclosures, boast exceptional protection for designs even where there is a risk of submersion. The corrosion-resistant die-cast aluminum construction combined with a continuous silicon gasket provides low-cost housing for sensitive equipment in hazardous, dusty, and wash down factory environments, as well as in wet outdoor locations. In addition to IP68, the series is rated NEMA 4X, 6, 6P, 12 and 13. It was tested under six feet of water for 24 hours and passed with no water ingress. Applications include chemical processors, marine environments, petrochemical sites, wood and metal grinding operations, wash down factories, and other powder/ dust processing. Enclosures are available in 24 sizes ranging from 3.54” x 1.42” x 1.18” to 10.24” x 6.30” x 3.56”. The NEMA 6 and UL 6 rated version is available in a natural finish. The NEMA 6P version features a black powder coat finish for extra corrosion protection. AN-A series boxes are available from stock at prices starting at $4 each. For more information , visit  

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