Breakthrough Personal Security Wearable Unveiled

WESTON, FL -- Secure Couture, a company dedicated to creating lifestyle and security wearables, recently demonstrated the effectiveness of its flagship product, Stiletto, to Cosmopolitan Magazine. According to Daniel Gladstone, Co-Founder of Secure Couture, "Despite our having more advanced features, apparently we were the only competitor that was prepared to demonstrate a working product for Cosmopolitan under real-world conditions."

Measuring less than one inch by one inch, Stiletto can transform one's favorite fashion accessories into the most advanced lifestyle and personal security wearable available today. Stiletto provides wearers with real-time notifications, keeps track of their phone and other smart tagged personal belongings, and syncs to the wearer's phone (and to enable emergency dispatchers to rapidly review and distribute emergency profile and location information. Stiletto also "speaks" for the wearer if they are incapable of doing so via patent-pending Voice+ Voice Assistant and teletype signaling engine. Stiletto can even recover dropped calls and lost Bluetooth connections.

"This is one piece of technology - and jewelry - that could be a necessity rather than a luxury," said Cosmopolitan UK writer Cat Sarsfield in an article about the necklace that could protect the wearer from sexual assault.

Regarding Stiletto's durable and covert design, Polly Mosendz, writing for Cosmopolitan US, shared that "Over the course of the night, I was pretty rough on Stiletto. I banged it against the bar, spilled … my drink on it… it came out just fine…. no one at the bar paid attention to it."

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