Brand New Technology to Replace Batteries and Charging

TAMPA, FL -- We love smart phones, but not their long residual charge time requirement; now, your next smart device could ditch batteries altogether with a brand new technology. Electronic circuits consume energy; our phones, tablets, televisions, and so on; but, how about a circuit that produces energy?

RADRE2nd is such circuit. The acronym meaning - "Regeneration of Animated Domains Rhythmic Energy".

RADRE2nd – a battery alternative - is smaller in size than your phone's battery, while having a life expectancy of 2-3 years.

This brand new technology is revolutionary - yet still the company, DougieTek, anchors its core business on the "life changing" services that RADRE2nd provides; which are mobility, accessibility, reliability, and sustainability.

The World's most convenient energy source is ideal for our "mobilized" lifestyle. Imagine just how good it will feel when you're liberated from "dying battery anxiety".

Consumers will be required to pay a monthly flat rate for such service.

DougieTek has surpassed proof-of-concept prototyping with Seed funding raised from Family and Friends investments. The company will be seeking, possibly Venture Capital, funds north of $60M in investment to start developing its production prototype and manufacturing blueprint – inching closer to seize opportunities within our $6 Trillion Global Energy Market.

DougieTek's enchanting claims envision products with lucrative potential and international appeal, reasonably, the company's IPs are shrouded in secrecy and miss-directions – an abrasive strategy devised to retain competitive edge and commercial value. This is reflected in the company's low profile R&D strategy thus far, and will be emphasize in the actual product – "anti-copy engineering" design.

The technology, now entering final stage of development, will be integrated within mobile devices as a battery replacement; while after-market Power Modules with monthly contract billing and prepaid service, provide options.

RADRE2nd is the brain-child of renewable energy researcher Nathaniel Douglas. Nathaniel – the solo developer - is a Pioneer in energy recapturing research, and whom in 2007 had published an article entitled "Inventor Develops an Electrical Apparatus that Produces FREE Energy", where he briefly describes his first major breakthrough in this field; for trade secrecy, scientific papers were never published.

Nathaniel later emphasized that the word "free" only meant sustainable, and that he had no affiliation with free-energy enthusiast groups.

You may recall from science class that stagnated magnetic fields store and release energy when animated; RADRE2nd does this effectively, so efficiently that the system is self-sustaining.

RADRE2nd is poised to revolutionize energy production, and is expected to solicit scientific debates for years to come.

Technology companies seeking a competitive edge are encouraged to inquire about RADRE2nd validity and early investment advantages.

Ideally, pre-venture (Angel) investment of $75,000.00 will provide gratifying leverage.

For more information, call Nathaniel Douglas at (404) 853-9998.

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