Brain Stimulator Gives Users A Cognitive Edge

HUMM claims its Edge Headset can activate the wearer’s brain and boost his or her learning and memory; lofty claims to say the least. The specially designed headsets deliver electrical signals to the brain helps the user attain a cognitive edge with enhanced memory and learning ability. And all this happens with the flick of a switch and without the nasty side effects of medication.


HUMM says its Edge headset is the first brain-stimulating headband to activate the part of the brain responsible for learning and memory, directly improving cognitive performance simply by wearing the device while you work, with no additional meditation or special diets. So, you don’t have to burn any calories while using this little miracle.

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Iain McIntyre, co-founder and CEO, HUMM reports, “For the past two years, we’ve been developing a way for people to stay at the top of their game whenever they need it most; at school, the office, or even in their favorite hobby. Until recently this electrical brain stimulation technology has been confined to neuroscience labs, where the devices were very clinical and expensive, or hacked together with wires and batteries in the homes of hardcore biohackers. The Edge headset solves all of those issues so that now anyone can focus more, learn more and kick their learning speed into overdrive.”


Reportedly, the technology is based on a form of non-invasive brain stimulation, a field with more than twenty years of clinical research and a strong track record for safety. Previously it has been used to treat such conditions as depression and insomnia, but recently it has been found to provide cognitive benefits too. If you are thinking like many, you probably seeing a correlation here to electroshock therapy, which was proven to work in certain cases.


Again, according to HUMM, small electrical signals amplify brainwave patterns. Users wear the headband-like headset for 15 minutes prior to a learning or work session and immediately get a brainpower boost that lasts for at least an hour. Edge has two primers on the front of the headset that apply a barely perceptible transcranial alternating current stimulation to the front of a user’s head. Research has shown that during a boosting session, many neurons in the prefrontal cortex adjust their electrical patterns to match the signal from the primers. This amplifies the brainwave patterns responsible for improved information processing and working memory, so users attain peak mental performance.


HUMM invites interested users to sign up for a place in their limited early access program. To learn more HUMM along with Edge. Just a not, if this headband does what the company says it will, I expect the price of energy drinks and coffee to plummet. Yes?

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