Bra Pressure-Sensor Based Measurement System Determines Product Comfort and Fit

LOS ANGELES, CA -- Pressure Profile Systems, Inc. (PPS) unveils a Bra Pressure Measurement System that allows bra manufacturers a more quantitative approach to test comfort and fit while developing their next-generation products. The newly released system is the first of its kind for this application. Unlike any other tactile sensing technologies, the Bra Pressure Measurement System is capable of resolving to pressures as low as 0.01 psi or 0.5mmHg while also conforming to complex shapes of the body – all without sacrificing accuracy or repeatability performance.

This wearable technology utilizes the world's most sensitive tactile sensors to introduce a new standard for bra comfort and fit testing

"The Bra Pressure Measurement System is unique in that it can sense very low pressures that allow bra manufacturers to develop more comfortable products thus generating more sales as a result," stated Dr. Jae Son, Chief Executive Officer at Pressure Profile Systems, Inc. "In addition, many other manufacturers can adopt this wearable technology in a variety of other applications where contact pressures are applied to the body."

The new Bra Pressure Measurement System comprises simple, intuitive Chameleon Visualization Software with multiple display options, integrated video, and API empowering the customer to easily collect, save and export data as well as the ability to develop custom software. Also included are seven array sensors featuring 1,764 pressure-sensing elements and constructed with advanced conductive cloth materials for high conformability and stretchability, and two T4500 electronics driving the 1,764 pressure sensing elements and enabling the outstanding pressure sensing resolution. The sensors are mounted on a customer supplied mannequin.

The Bra Pressure Measurement System not only delivers quality data under demanding conditions but it does so while enabling minimally intrusive integration into the mannequin's body along with maintaining performance. It provides another example of PPS' many successes in providing cutting edge tactile sensing solutions that solve highly complex problems for its customers.

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