Boston Red Sox Deploy Activity-Monitoring Technology

SOUTHBOROUGH, MA /BUSINESS WIRE/ -- It's hardly noticeable, but if you look closely enough, the Boston Red Sox players are all wearing something new at spring training. It's a small, wireless, intelligent pedometer called the ActiPed, from Massachusetts-based FitSense Technology. This isn't any ordinary pedometer; in fact, it's an activity monitor that accurately tracks your every step, the calories you burn, how much time you've been active, and how far you went in miles.

"The ActiHealth system gives us great insight into the activity levels of our players as they go through the course of their day, including how their body's engine is performing," says Paul Lessard, Head Trainer of the Boston Red Sox. "It's so easy, the guys just wear the pod on their shoe and the data is collected and offloaded automatically, where we can see it instantaneously."

"It's all about the data!" says Tom Blackadar, CEO of FitSense. Health insurers and employers have a keen eye on ways to stimulate healthier behaviors with their members and employees, in an effort to reduce spiraling healthcare costs and increase their employees' productivity. "We are thrilled to be working with Red Sox," continues Blackadar. "We're huge hometown fans and identify with the Red Sox' appreciation for the edge that information can give a team. We have taken our high-end technology and adapted it for spring training, exclusively for the Red Sox."

The ActiHealth network provides physiological information and feedback tools for health and wellness program providers that engage and motivate their members, changing their behaviors and improving health. The network seamlessly collects, transports, and presents information on physical activity, weight, body fat, blood pressure, heart rate, peak flow, and blood glucose, for anyone, anytime, anywhere.

About FitSense
FitSense Technology Inc., based in Southborough, MA, is a world leader in wireless health-monitoring solutions. The company's ActiHealth network seamlessly connects wearable and portable body sensors and feedback devices. FitSense systems have been deployed from clinical research environments to roadways, on battlefields, and in outer space. FitSense continues to lead the charge toward the use of pervasive computing and intelligent sensor systems to improve the quality of healthcare and reduce its costs. For more information, please visit the company's Web site.

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