Boston Electronics Announces the Chop-In Opus 1

Boston Electronics Corporation announces the Chop-In Opus 1, digital dual-phase lock-in amplifier and phase-locked optical chopper combination; that costs comparable to the price of a phase-locked chopper alone. The Chop-In Opus1™ will be demonstrated at the upcoming SPIE Photonics West Exhibition in Booth 814.

The Chop-In Opus 1 is computer controlled, and only needs USB power to operate. This greatly simplifies laboratory set ups; no need for multiple control boxes and power supplies as you may be required to have with other lock-in and chopper combinations that cost significantly more. Using the inherent processing capability of your computer, the Chop-In software enables lock-in performance at frequencies up to 5 kHz, controls all hardware, implements signal acquisition, digital demodulation and filtering.

About Boston Electronics - Boston Electronics are specialists in providing electro-optical solutions including photodetectors, LEDs, tunable lasers, imaging arrays and photon counting detection, spanning the spectrum from ultraviolet to visible and infrared. Boston Electronics distributes advanced electro-optical products from premier manufacturers worldwide.

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