Bosch Turns ON Semi’s Image Sensors Into Future ADAS

With the advance of autonomous vehicle systems, advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) are becoming more sophisticated and require reliable components that ensure both passenger and pedestrian safety. As the human eyes on the road and surrounding are being replaced by cameras, the optical and imaging sensors in those cameras must perform as good, if not better than human eyes. Enter ON Semiconductor’s automotive image sensors.


Bosch has selected ON Semiconductor as the image sensor supplier for a future camera technology for its advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS). Engineered to meet OEM requirements for future ADAS cameras, ON Semi image sensors deliver high dynamic range (HDR) with state-of-the-art functional safety features.


As drivers become more distracted with gadgets, new technology can make critical differences in safety, differences that will also assist drivers identify pedestrians and cyclists in challenging low light conditions. Safety standards such as EuroNCAP have led to global requirements for mitigating the severity of rear-end collisions with expanding coverage for vulnerable road users in challenging low-light conditions. Unique image sensor technology enables safety systems to perform in the most challenging light conditions. For more information, visit ON Semiconductor.


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