Board-to-Board Connector Sports 0.35-mm Pitch

Board-to-Board Connector Sports 0.35-mm Pitch
KYOCERA Connector Products Corp.

Featuring high robustness and structure for smooth mating with top face covered by metals, the 5857 Series board-to-board connectors feature a pitch of 0.35 mm. Stacking height is 0.7 mm between boards and width is 1.9 mm. With the fine-pitch and low-profile features, the connector achieves high robustness by covering both ends with metals, which prevents the connector from damage caused by misalignments. It features a unique contact structure, attaining high contact reliability against vibrations or drops. For more details and a datasheet, visit

KYOCERA Connector Products Corp.
Greenville, SC
Santa Clara, CA

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Company: KYOCERA Connector Products Corp.
Country: United States (USA)

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