BluMetric Wins Over C$8.3 Million in Projects for Water Monitoring and Environmental Engineering

OTTAWA - BluMetric Environmental Inc. has been awarded two separate projects with a total value in excess of C$8.3 million. The Company is to provide a broad range of groundwater and surface water monitoring, engineering, and remedial services at a number of different sites.

The new water monitoring work in Northern Ontario, valued at $7.3 million, extends an existing contract up to an additional five years. Project skills required include: groundwater and surface water testing and management; regulatory water monitoring and reporting; well sampling and maintenance; database support and QR coding; data analysis and reporting; and health and safety monitoring and reporting. Data will be incorporated into the established GIS-based Environmental Information System originally developed by BluMetric. The new work begins January 1, 2016.

As well, BluMetric was awarded a contract, valued at $1.0 million, also for a Northern Ontario client. The work is primarily focused on water resources and civil engineering, as well as hydrogeology for a water management project. Specifically, BluMetric will be conducting field investigations including drilling wells and boreholes, excavating test pits, sampling groundwater and surface water and conducting pumping tests; groundwater modelling; and designing water storage ponds, ditches, interception trenches, pumping stations, pipelines and wells for interception, collection, and storage of impacted water prior to treatment. This work will start immediately and run until approximately September 2016.

"These contracts reflect the time and effort the BluMetric team has put into developing and enhancing key skill sets in order to meet the needs of clients with complex activities and multiple task requirements," said Roger Woeller, BluMetric's Chief Executive Officer. "By working closely as partners, we can expand our service offerings while adding increasingly sophisticated, data-rich reporting, providing an integrated, client-centric program that adapts to their changing needs."

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