Bluetooth to IP Gateway from Sena Technologies

Bluetooth to IP Gateway from Sena Technologies
SENA Technologies Inc.
Sena Technologies, Milpitas, CA, offers the Parani100 Bluetooth to IP gateway that connects Bluetooth devices to a 10/100Base-T Ethernet network. The device supports point-to-multipoint connectivity to 7 points and transmits data from each Bluetooth terminal to a management station via TCP/IP at 723 Kbps. Designed for large-scale wireless installations, the Parani100 supports various operating modes including TCP server, TCP client, repeater, vertex, and RS-232 nodes. It runs on an embedded Linux OS with Flash memory, built-in Web server, Web interface, and status LEDs.

Contact Info

Company: SENA Technologies Inc.
Phone number: 408-573-7425/866-887-7362
Fax: 408-907-3738

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