Bluetooth Starter Kit Deploys Popular MCUs

Bluetooth Starter Kit Deploys Popular MCUs
Microchip Technology Inc.

For developing Bluetooth-enabled products such as thermostats, gaming controllers, barcode scanners, and diagnostic tools, the PIC32 Bluetooth Starter Kit includes a PIC32 microcontroller (MCU), HCI-based Bluetooth radio, Cree high-output multi-color LED, three standard single-color LEDs, an analog three-axis accelerometer, analog temperature sensor, and five push buttons for user-defined inputs. Additionally, a PICkit On Board is on tap, which eliminates the need for an external debugger/programmer, and adds USB connectivity and GPIOs for rapid development of Bluetooth Serial Port Profile (SPP), USB and general-purpose applications. The starter kit also features a plug-in interface for an audio CODEC daughter card which is set to release at a later stage to support Bluetooth audio. Price for the PIC32 Bluetooth Starter Kit (part # DM320018) is $79.99. For more details, visit

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