BlueRadios Launches Bluetooth Temperature Sensor

ENGLEWOOD, CO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--BlueRadios, Inc., the industry leader in wireless Bluetooth products and services, launches new Temperature Sensor Radio application, BlueSensor, for generic sensor wire and cable replacement applications. These small embedded radios eliminate the need for sensor Companies to architect or write application code.

BlueSensor is used for both secure and non-secure applications for many markets including transportation freight, medical, and military. For secure applications both encryption and PIN security features are integrated into the radio. "The beauty of these data radios are its ease of use and self discovery due to the 2.4GHz international Bluetooth standard," says Mark Kramer president and CEO of BlueRadios, Inc. He adds, "These radios provide a ready-engineered OEM sensor product solution for a point-to-point Bluetooth cable replacement seamlessly connecting others using several popular SPP, FTP, and DUN profiles."

BlueSensor is designed to store and forward temperature readings with time stamping in XML or raw data formats and can store up to 8064 readings enabling mobile device communications, collaboration, and connectivity through simplicity, interoperability, and proximity. The data radios and other serial radio modems can be configured, commanded, and controlled through simple AT modem ASCII strings over the Bluetooth RF link or directly through the hardware serial UART. BlueRadios plans to offer additional radios module capabilities in future sensor product releases.

BlueSensor intelligent "wireless wire" communications products are available in small and large quantities. Pricing includes Bluetooth software profile stack and antenna. For more information contact BlueRadios at 303-957-1003.

About BlueRadios, Inc.
BlueRadios, Inc. is an industry leader in the development of wireless Bluetooth enabling communication technologies, products, and services for a wide range of embedded commercial and industrial applications. BlueRadios serial wireless modem technology replaces those troubling and expensive cables/wires providing a dynamic experience that connect others wirelessly. BlueRadios is the trademark name of the Company's Bluetooth SMT serial radio modem RF transceiver modules. For more information on BlueRadios, Inc., please visit our Web site.

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