Blue Vector Unveils RFID Platform for Pharmaceutical Industry

ARCwire -- Blue Vector Systems announced a Pharmaceutical Edition of its RFID automation platform. This solution offers pharmaceutical manufacturers, packagers, distributors, and retailers item-level track and trace, shipment accuracy, and integration with drug pedigree and authentication systems.

The Blue Vector Pharmaceutical Edition includes support for intelligent dock door, conveyor, shelf, and desktop RFID automation stations-either from Blue Vector or from third parties, as well as simultaneous support for multiple tag types, including UHF, HF, and long-range active RFID tags.

The system orchestrates two-way integration with software applications from SAP, Supplyscape, IBM, and others to provide real-time track and trace, authentication, and drug-pedigree tracking system integration. In addition to populating these systems with properly filtered events from RFID readers and sensors, the Blue Vector system also retrieves data from these systems to automate the behavior of equipment and worker alerts. The Blue Vector system automatically distributes this downloaded data (which can include expected orders and the content of shipments) out to each individual point of automation—no matter where it is geographically located—where it is used to provide a degree of business awareness that isn't possible with other RFID systems. By knowing what is supposed to happen at a given operational step, the system can instantly alert workers or send signals to product-handling equipment to prevent the movement of nonconforming product.