Blue Spark Technologies Unveils TempTraq Connect

CLEVELAND, OH -- TempTraq now offers parents and caregivers the ability to remotely monitor real-time temperature data from anywhere through its new secure TempTraq Connect service. Whether dropping a child off at grandma's for an overnight visit or checking in on a chronically ill parent's recovery, TempTraq Connect makes it possible to stay connected to the ones you love, even at a distance.

The Bluetooth, wearable temperature monitor comes in the form of a soft, comfortable patch to provide caregivers with continuous temperature data. Additionally, the patch will also be available in a new extended 48-hour version so temperature can be monitored longer when needed.

TempTraq delivers on-the-spot temperature readings in just seconds. The wearable patch alleviates many concerns of those caring for an ill or recovering loved one, including eliminating the need to continually disturb or wake them. TempTraq includes a free downloadable Apple® or Android™ compatible app, allowing users to reach a new level of health care for people of all ages.

Simply press the "start" button to activate the temperature monitor and connect it to the app via the unique code provided. Then, apply the thin, flexible patch to the underarm of the patient as directed. As long as the caregiver is within range of the patient, they can easily review data and receive alerts, up to 40 feet away. Thanks to TempTraq Connect, now caregivers can authorize remote users the opportunity to securely view and monitor temperature data so health care decisions can be made sooner, when it matters most.

Unlike other devices that provide users with only one point of data and offer no continuous monitoring or alerts, the TempTraq app displays both real time and historical temperature data transmitted from the patch in graphical or tabular view, making it possible for caregivers to see fluctuations and quickly adapt treatment.

TempTraq further simplifies the temperature reading process by providing easy-to-follow colors that indicate temperature levels: Green, less than 100.4°F; orange, equal to or greater than 100.4°F; red, equal to or above the user-set temperature alert level. Caregivers can even receive alerts when a patient's temperature enters this designated red zone.

For those who want to share temperature data with their doctors or family members, TempTraq allows users to securely send temperature information via email. Through the app, users can also keep track of when the patient eats, drinks or takes medicine. For those caring for multiple people, the TempTraq app conveniently allows them to monitor multiple patches simultaneously.

TempTraq is currently available for a suggested retail price of $19.99. More info is available at

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