BLH Nobel Releases Next-Gen Firmware Upgrade for G5 Series Measurement Amplifiers

The BLH Nobel brand of Vishay Precision Group, Inc. release a firmware upgrade, revision v1.3.0, for its industry best-selling G5 Series measurement amplifiers. Originally launched in February 2016, the BLH Nobel G5 Series combines standard interfaces, a modular design, and onboard integral web servers for streamlined commissioning and calibration functions, along with reduced operations and maintenance costs. The Series is designed for seamless integration into the process weighing systems of large vessels, mixers, and conveyors. Advanced communication protocols, including remote diagnostics, parameterization, backup and maintenance functions, serve to further optimize system efficiencies.

The BLH Nobel G5 Series firmware upgrade v1.3.0 was carefully developed from direct customer feedback as to preferred “next generation” features and enhancements. As a result, the new firmware upgrade offers:
• Added flow rate (weight by rate) calculation capabilities
• Added diagnostic functionality, a particularly helpful feature during commissioning. This includes scale info, showing (live) input signal; gross weight; zero correction value (in % and in actual scale unit); excitation voltage; and excitation current and sense voltage. Other diagnostics show Communication, Fieldbus, Digital I/O and Analog I/O. Analog and digital outputs can be further controlled directly from the diagnostics menu.
• Added excitation current measurement and supervision capabilities, which are especially helpful during operation. It is now possible to monitor the excitation and sense directly from the diagnostics menu (e.g. for troubleshooting), as well as for the instrument to automatically supervise excitation current values. This feature will help to detect whether a load cell cable is broken, shorted, or has other similar faults.
• Updated Fieldbus data mapping, making it easier for the PLC programmer to integrate multiple G5 Series measurement amplifiers within a Fieldbus network.
• Added EtherNet/IP interface, using an optional installed module in the G5 Series Fieldbus slot.

Firmware revision v1.3.0 is now a standard feature of all G5 Series measurement amplifiers shipped in 2017. Or, alternately, is available as a free software upgrade for legacy models, where flow rate and EtherNet/IP support are not already integral features. In the latter case, a minor hardware update for full system compatibility is required. Please consult the factory for details. Future releases will be developed on an as-needed basis, and in direct response to customer needs.

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