BlackStratus Receives Best Security Solution Award

PISCATAWAY, NJ -- BlackStratus, a provider of cloud-based security and compliance technology tailored for both SMBs and large enterprises, announces its new Security-as-a-Service, CYBERShark, received several top awards from the New York-New Jersey ASCII Group event. BlackStratus won Best Security Solution for CYBERShark, one of the top awards given at the industry gathering. The ASCII Group IT community is made up of a supporting network of more than 2,000 MSP/VARs worldwide, making it one of the most respected industry bodies when it comes to security and compliance matters affecting small and midsize businesses.

The Best Security Solution award comes a few months after the national launch of CYBERShark, a white labeled security and compliance service aimed specifically at the MSP community and their SMB customers. CYBERShark empowers MSPs to build a sustainable managed services business without the need to invest in expensive infrastructure, buy expensive hardware appliances and recruit expensive security analysts. By simply sending their end-customer event log data to the advanced CYBERShark cloud, MSPs will receive a white-labeled portal view of their customers' compliance reports and security posture complete with step-by-step remediation to resolve security incidents and malicious activity.

CYBERShark Features
•Advanced architecture designed to cover complex regulatory compliance, business continuity and risk management needs
•Multi-tenancy support silos customer accounts and files, protecting privacy and data integrity
•Real-time attack visualization identifies zero-day attacks based on rules-based, vulnerability, statistical, and historical correlations
•Vulnerability correlation integrates data from detection systems, eliminating false positives and freeing up your team to focus on actual threats
•Unparalleled visibility in distributed networks to correlate activity in individual customer environments, identifying hidden threats, suspicious trends and other potentially dangerous behavior
•Sophisticated reporting tools for ISO, PCI, HIPAA, SOX and other compliance standards

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