Black Box Introduces Environmental Monitoring System

PITTSBURGH /BUSINESS WIRE/ -- Black Box Corp., an industry-leading provider of voice communications, data infrastructure, and product solutions, unveiled the AlertWerks II Environmental Monitoring System, an easy-to-use family of sensor hubs and plug-and-play intelligent sensors designed to protect network infrastructure from physical threats, including security breaches, water and humidity, temperature fluctuations, and fire and smoke. The system also monitors airflow, AC voltage, and motion. Network managers can reduce downtime, prevent potential disasters, and eliminate unauthorized access to mission-critical equipment.

The centerpiece of the AlertWerks II system is the ServSensor hub, which comes in several versions: the ServSensor, ServSensor Jr., ServSensor Contact, and ServSensor V4P (part #s EME108A, EME102A, EME111A-20, and EME124A). The ServSensor hub is the central processor of your environmental monitoring system. Connect it to your network and attach AlertWerks II Intelligent Sensors to remotely view the status of your data centers or other facilities.

With the ServSensor VP4 (EME124A), you also get real-time video monitoring and alerting. Along with the Intelligent Sensors, you can attach up to four surveillance cameras, such as the AlertWerks II PT Dome Camera (SCE201).

Choose from a wide range of sensors to work with AlertWerks II ServSensor hubs. Measure physical threats such as water, humidity, temperature, and airflow; enhance security with a motion sensor or siren and strobe light; even install third-party sensors.

"This system combines ease of use with an excellent value," said Josh Whitney, Black Box Product Manager. "It allows users to remotely monitor their resources through its use of a graphical-based Web interface and email or SNMP alerts. Additionally, it's scalable, allowing network managers to expand the system as their needs increase."

Each of the ServSensor hubs provides data collecting and graphing, and displays the values measured by the attached sensors. When the measured value exceeds the predefined threshold, it triggers an alert, which can be a blinking LED, an audible alarm, or an email to a response team.

Alertwerks II is one of many new infrastructure technologies available from Black Box, which also includes ClimateCab, a data center in a box; Elite Power Manager Controllers; secure KVM switches; structured cabling, including CAT5, CAT5e, CAT6, and fiber optic; cabinets and racks; networking; a comprehensive array of cable management; plus much more.

The AlertWerks II products are part of Black Box's extensive line of networking products, including remote monitoring solutions. All are backed by free, live, 24/7 tech support, which customers can reach by calling 724-746-5500. For more details about AlertWerks II, visit the company's Web site.

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