BioTech Medics Enters Alliance with Digital Kinematics

DALLAS, TX /Marketwire/ -- BioTech Medics, Inc. announced the signing of a strategic alliance with Digital Kinematics (DKI) of Dallas. The purpose of the alliance is for both companies to work together in designing and engineering an exclusive digitized human-motion software program to be used with the BioTech high-powered therapeutic medical lasers to detect pain-related abnormalities in patient movements.

The initial DKI product will consist of wireless sensors that can be programmed by the doctor, laser technician, or a physical therapist and placed on the patient to detect various motions made by the patient. When a patient comes to see a BioTech doctor or chiropractor with a pain-related problem due to improper motion—such as carpal tunnel syndrome; a football, soccer, baseball, golf, or tennis injury; a strained or torn muscle, ligament, or tendon; or a back problem—the medical practitioner will be able to improve the diagnosis with instant feedback from the new DKI medical software.

This will be revolutionary in physical medicine in providing the BioTech medical practitioner instant repetitive motion-stress feedback. This can be used anywhere with the BioTech high-powered therapeutic medical laser. The patient will receive laser treatment based on the DKI software feedback, providing the patient with a safe noninvasive means of reducing the pain. After treatment, the proper motion can be programmed into the DKI device software so that every time a patient uses improper motion, the patient will be alerted to help re-train the patient to avoid stress.

BioTech will be working with Onkar Modgil, CEO, Chief Designer, and Director of DKI, who—besides having many previous patents—has over twenty years of project management experience and has brought to market several major successful products, and Leonard C. Feiner, Executive Vice President, COO, and Director of DKI, who has over 25 years experience in management and marketing.

BioTech owns and/or operates Pain Management & Wellness Clinics. DKI will have a working prototype the first quarter of 2008.

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