Biosensors: BMX-J to Commercialize in Japan Starting October 2015

SINGAPORE -- Biosensors International Group, Ltd. will commercialize its BMX-J drug-eluting stent (DES) system in Japan starting 1 October 2015. "We are very pleased to commence sales of the BMX-J in Japan. Japan is the third largest single-country market in the world, after the United States and China. Our growth potential in the Japan market is very strong. The technology of the BMX-J, which incorporates a biodegradable polymer coating together with an immunosuppressive drug, is already well accepted by the cardiologists in Japan, as evidenced by the strong market share of the Nobori," commented Biosensors' CEO Mr. Jose Calle.

BMX-J is an OEM version of the Nobori DES, which consists of Biosensors' unique DES that incorporates a biodegradable polymer and the Company's proprietary drug, Biolimus A9®, which inhibits restenosis, or re-narrowing of the arteries, following stent implantation. The Company first announced the Japan regulatory approval of BMX-J in August this year.

"BMX-J will provide a valuable alternative to the DES currently available to interventional cardiologists in Japan," commented Mr. Calle. "We have already established a solid distribution channel across Japan. We will continue to expand these channels to increase coverage with a very clear objective of achieving a significant ramp up in sales going forward. I see this as an important milestone for our strategy in Japan."

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