Biosensor Delivers 24/7 Heart-Rate Measurement For Wearables

Biosensor Delivers 24/7 Heart-Rate Measurement For Wearables
ams AG

The AS7000 debuts as the first member of a family of health/fitness devices aimed at wearable devices. The device integrates an optical sensor module with software to provide what the company is calling the highest accuracy optical heart rate measurements (HRM) and heart rate variation (HRV) readings, backed by opto-mechanical design-in support. Housed in a 6.1mm x 4.1mm x 1.0mm package, the AS7000 also lays claim to being the industry’s first complete integrated health and fitness solution for wearables intended to be worn constantly, at rest and when exercising. Features include the LEDs, photo-sensor, analog front end (AFE), controller, and application software. In addition to HRM/HRV, the module also enables skin temperature and skin resistivity measurements by providing interfaces to external sensors. The AS7000 is available for sampling now. Unit pricing is $6 each/1,000. For more technical information, go to 

ams USA Inc.
Raleigh, NC

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Company: ams AG
Country: Austria
Phone number: 43 3136 500 32110

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