Biometric Security for Consumers and Small Businesses

WALL, N.J. /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- BIO-key International Inc., a provider of finger-based biometric identification and wireless public safety solutions announced that its patented fingerprint-matching software is now offered by major retailers, including CompUSA Online and Tech Data as part of a shrink-wrap security solution produced by WUNworks.

WUNworks makes strong security practical by providing a cost-effective, easy-to-deploy, and scalable solution based on BIO-key's finger biometric identification software. The WUNworks products are available in stand-alone and enterprise editions. The stand-alone edition of WUNworks runs on a Windows PC and enables local management of security, credentials, media, and devices. The enterprise edition leverages the Active Directory server and enables central management of enterprisewide security credentials, media, devices, and policies.

Two of the most pressing issues faced by our society today are identity theft and fraud. BIO-key and WUNworks address these issues by offering a suite of products that can be used by individuals at home or by any business, large or small, to secure access to computers, Web sites, and accounts with finger biometrics. WUNworks' solutions bundle BIO-key's superior biometric matching software with one of the industry's most reliable and durable fingerprint readers manufactured by SecuGen. This turnkey logon authentication solution enhances the security of less convenient password and token alternatives.

Mike DePasquale, CEO of BIO-key said, "With the simple touch of their finger, consumers as well as small businesses now have the ability to deploy a security alternative previously only available to large enterprises. In addition to being significantly more secure than traditional password logon alternatives, support costs are reduced and user convenience is improved. With availability through CompUSA and Tech Data, BIO-key has an additional channel to address the high-volume consumer market, taking advantage of the pressing need for easy-to-use finger biometric security."

Lee W. Hoevel, president of WUNworks added, "WUNworks provides 'What-U-Need that works.' Our solutions help individuals and organizations comply with privacy and security standards and regulations. WUNworks makes it possible to protect sensitive data and resources with enterprise-class biometrics at consumer-level prices. Our solutions combine 'best-in-class' software from BIO-key and quality fingerprint readers from SecuGen to deliver a solution that works and that the average homeowner and small business can readily afford."

About BIO-key
BIO-key develops and delivers advanced identification solutions and information services to law enforcement departments, public safety agencies, government, and private sector customers. BIO-key's mobile wireless technology provides first responders with critical, reliable, real-time data and images from local, state, and national databases. BIO-key's high-performance, scalable, cost-effective, and easy-to-deploy biometric finger identification technology accurately identifies and authenticates users of wireless and enterprise data to improve security, convenience and privacy and to reduce identity theft. Over 2,500 police, fire and emergency services departments in North America use BIO-key solutions, making BIO-key the leading supplier of mobile and wireless solutions for public safety worldwide.

About WUNworks
WUNworks provides solutions for biometric logon authentication and secure portable storage—no more passwords! WUNworks products and solutions use state-of-the-art technology and industrial-grade components but are sold at consumer-level prices. WUNworks offers "What-U-Need," at a price that works, for both individual and enterprise customers. WUNworks products and solutions are sold through CompUSA, Dell and APS.

About SecuGen
SecuGen is the world's leading provider of advanced, optical fingerprint-recognition technology, products, tools, and platforms for physical and information security. SecuGen designs and develops its own proprietary and patented fingerprint sensors and algorithms and market OEM components, developer kits, application software, and fingerprint peripherals worldwide for a wide range of applications.

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