Bio-Inspired Smart Camera from Brain Vision Systems

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Brain Vision Systems

The BIPcam from Brain Vision Systems, Paris, France, is a bio-inspired smart camera that can analyze color, motion, and structure of one or multiple objects and uses the company's bio-inspired perception system (BIPS). The camera captures a video stream coming from a CMOS VGA video sensor with 720 by 480 resolution and 60 frames/s and is linked to a PC via USB. The camera can spot the different colors of objects, evaluating luminance, color saturation, and hue even in low-light-density environments. For motion racking it reacts to an object's velocity, direction, and variability and anticipates its trajectory. A task manager allocates the tasks and synchronizes their computation in a hardware unit. An open-source SDK is included.

Contact Info

Company: Brain Vision Systems
Country: France
Phone number: +33 (0) 9-53-92-14-41

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