Beurer's SE 80 SleepExpert, Powered by EarlySense, Wins Plus X Award

RAMAT GAN, Israel -- EarlySense announces that Beurer's SE 80 SleepExpert - a product powered by EarlySense technology - has won the Plus X Award for High Quality and Ease of Use. The Plus X Awards, one of the largest innovation competitions in the world, assesses technology, sports and lifestyle products and recognizes new and innovative technologies, extraordinary design and intelligent, easy to use operating systems.

Placed under a mattress, the SE 80 Sensor records sleep accurately and reliably and allows users to understand and improve their sleeping patterns. The core technology, derived from EarlySense's hospital-proven solution, enables users to evaluate their own data and monitor their wellbeing and overall quality of sleep.

*This product is not intended for medical use.

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