Best of Sensors Midwest Award Winner: TP Series Pressure/Temperature Sensor

DunAn Sensing announced at Sensors Midwest the availability of its TP Series integrated pressure and temperature sensors. The components employ DunAn’s proprietary DURAsense packaging and microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) pressure sensor integration strategy with a precision thermistor to provide highly accurate pressure and temperature outputs at a low cost.

The core of the TP Series is a ceramic packaged module that consists of a ceramic substrate on which the MEMS piezo resistive pressure sensor and the thermistor are mounted.


The buttonesque package uses a media-compatible, rear-entry packaging strategy for media contact with the silicon sensor. This eliminates the contact of bond wires and electrical signals to the media, which also enhances reliability and the ability to operate in conductive media.


Another unique property, DunAn's approach significantly enables sensor chip and thermistor performance at reduced cost while its packaging approach improves performance and lowers price over those pressure sensors employing an oil-filled cavity and a metallic diaphragm. The pressure sensor and thermistor are eutectic bonded to the ceramic substrate for enhanced ruggedness and reliability and avoiding potential delamination.


The TP Series is available in pressure ranges from 0 to 15 psi and 0 to 750 psi in both absolute and sealed gage. Device accuracy at 25°C - combined linearity, hysteresis and repeatability - is ±0.5% of span. Accuracy over the -20°C to +125°C is ±1.5% of span. The guaranteed proof pressure of 3x rated pressure is a maximum of 1,500 psi and burst pressure of 5x rated pressure is a maximum of 2,500 psi. Thermistor accuracy at 25°C is 1%.


Pricing for a TP Series sensor is $74 each in quantities from one to 499. Evaluation units are available from stock. Based on its feature set, impressive specs, and attention to engineering budgets, the TP Series sensor took the Best of Sensors Midwest Bronze Award. For more details, a TP Series datasheet is available. DunAn Sensing, San Jose, CA. 408 -613-1015


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