The Best of Sensors Expo Engineering Awards

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Now that I've introduced you to the new, improved, and expanded Best of Sensors Awards program and described the Innovation and Application Awards, it's time to introduce you to the remaining two categories: The Engineers of the Year Award and the Rising Star Award.

Our intent with both awards is to recognize the people behind the technologies; the individuals and engineering teams who, through practical innovation, have advanced the sensor industry. Whether their efforts involve developing completely new types of sensors or applying sensors in a novel way, we want to thank them for their endeavors. They do wonderful things every day; it's time we

The Engineers of the Year Award
Because so many developments in the sensor industry are the work of engineers working together, we wanted this award to reflect this reality. As a result, this award is for engineering teams working within the sensor industry. Tell us about the teams who have provided an outstanding contribution to the sensors industry, either through the development of sensor technology or by its application to address real-world problems. Tell us who they are, what they've done, and why you think their work is so important.

The nomination form for the Best of Sensors Expo Engineers of the Year Award is available online.

The Rising Star Award
The sensor industry is large, complex, and vibrant and some of what keeps it vibrant is the influx of new blood. This award is intended to recognize a young engineer who is active within the sensors industry and has already contributed to advancing sensor technology or sensor applications. Tell us about a young technologist who is making their mark on the industry and tell us how they're doing it.

The nomination form for the Best of Sensors Expo Rising Star Award is available online.

If you have questions, the Best of Sensors Expo Awards FAQ is here and general information on the program is here. If you have questions about the awards program, please send an email to [email protected].

The deadline for submissions is April 5, 2013 and is approaching fast! Help us to launch our new, expanded Best of Sensors Expo Award program in style!


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