Bendable Capacitance Probe from BinMaster

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BinMaster Level Controls

The bendable capacitance probe from BinMaster Level Controls, Lincoln, NE, can be bent to avoid obstructions in a vessel while still allowing adequate probe surface area to confirm the presence or absence of material. The probe mounts to the side of the bin and can be used in a range of solid materials or slurries for high- and low-level detection in smaller mixers or containers used in food processing plants. Features include fail-safe operation, Quick-Set calibration, 6 kHz operation to prevent interference with 2-way radios or other equipment operating in the RF spectrum, and a dual time delay feature that lets you set flexible time delays up to 30 s.

Contact Info

Company: BinMaster Level Controls
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 800-278-4241
Fax: 402-434-9133

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