Belden’s New Molded Cord Sets Support High-Speed Network Connections

St. Louis, Missouri – Belden Inc. announces two new M12 data cord sets from Lumberg Automation – BRSTS 8X-552/…M and RSTS 8X-478/…M. The cord sets are robustly designed to establish high-speed connections and optimize uptime for industrial Ethernet applications across transportation, automotive and automated settings.

To accommodate growing network data demands in harsh industrial settings, the two new types of M12 cord sets deliver reliable network functionality in environments that depend on electromagnetic compatibility (EMC). The extended data interface cables provide a transfer rate of up to 10 Gbit/second, allowing engineers, electricians, integrators and machine builders to establish reliable high-speed connections both on the network and in the field.

Based on the application areas’ needs, the two distinguished molded M12 cord sets feature the following characteristics:

• The BRSTS 8X-552/…M is designed for use in transportation systems in rolling stocks and adheres to Europe’s rigorous DIN EN requirements.

• The RSTS 8X-478/…M meets the safety and quality standards for process automation, machine building and material handling applications and will carry UL’s seal of quality in the future.

“We’ve seen increased use of systems, such as HD-video surveillance and high-end vision sensors, which demand reliable, high-volume communication,” said Fabian Seymer, product manager at Belden. “For example, when a new train is built, most train manufacturers and system integrators nowadays will use Gigabit cord sets already in their installations. Even so, not every train exploits the 10GBit capacity of data transfer. We’re ensuring industrial networks are prepared for those data demands in the near future.”

With an IP67 rating, the M12 cord sets enable reliable high-speed data transmission outside of cabinets, seamlessly integrating digital image processing devices to facility control processes. Both cord sets are available in the following configurations: M12, male, 8-pole, X-coded, 360° shielded, single-and double-ended cord sets, and operate at a temperature range from -40° C to +85° C.

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